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FAP Guard home page

Welcome to BITNET's FAP Guard home page. If you are a FAP Guard user ( or considering to become one ), you will find this section filled with useful information.

FAP Guard and Work Examiner implemented employee monitoring project
BITNET software has implemented a complicated internet monitoring project for 1000+ users corporate customer (the name is under NDA) with Fair Access Policy control in association with EfficientLab, LLC (Work Examiner Team, http://www.workexaminer.com). What have been implemented:

  • FAP Guard bandwidth control module was deployed together with Work Examiner Client as a single remote package
  • FAP Guard is prividing on-line and recorded FAP data to the employee monitoring database
  • Work Examiner's employee activity reports engine added some templates for FAP data for WE admin and manager users
Customer is satisfied with the work we've done and hopes to proceed with enhanced Interenet activity monitoring projects in other departments.

FAP Guard


10 Apr. 2004 - FAPGuard is NOT spyware - It seems someone started a spyware campaign on FAPGuard which we noticed a bit too late read on for more details. In other news, we had some complains about FAPGuard's interface. We opened a last call for ideas for v1.4 in the forum. If there's something you want added or changed, be sure to let us know. As usual your feedback is greatly appreciated!

20 Feb.. 2004 - Version 1.4 BETA - introduces server, client and pure client modes in order to allow switch and DW6000 users to use FAP Guard on their networks. Read more


Older news...

NEW! Check out FGDM - The first download manager/accelerator designed specially for DirecWay and DirecPC users

FAP Guard Download Manager

FGDM features all the characteristics of a regular download manager:

  • Considerably accelerates your download speed with simultaneous connections
  • Increase download reliability - resume downloads interrupted by lost connections, computer shutdowns, and other errors
  • Queue your downloads. FAP Guard Download Manager will know to start your next download when it finishes one.

What separates our download manager from the rest of these applications, and makes it ideal for DirecWay users, is one very important feature. That together with FAP Guard it monitors your FAP level, and makes sure you don't exceed your cumulative download limit, thus getting throttled or even disconnected. In other words it will keep downloading your favorite applications just like any other download manager, but when your network reaches a certain, configurable cumulative download level, it will stop and wait for your FAP bucket to refill, then resume downloading. This enables you to sit back and browse the web instead of keeping an eye on your FAP level and constantly stopping/resuming your downloads. This also means that you can leave your large downloads running over night without having to worry that you will be FAPped when you want to read your emails in the morning.

What it is and what it does

If you are or thinking to become a DW 4000 or DirecPC user, you should be fairly familiar with what Fair Access Policy means, even if you don't know it's most intricate details. If not, it is a system that allows Hughes Networks ( the Direcway and DirecPC service provider ) to regulate it's users access to the Internet. You could basically compare it to a download limit, but it's far more complicated than that. However Hughes does not go out of their way to let it's DirecPC and DirecWay users know about the existence or details of FAP, nor provide a tool for their users to know the FAP status they are in at a moment.

FAP Guard is just that. It is a tool that will tell you at any point what stage of the FAP you are in, and thus help you prevent your connection getting throttled or getting completely disconnected. We have dedicated a page to publishing and explaining the Fair Access Policy.

Pricing and registration

FAP Guard is available as a free software, developed by BITNET CCSS. However, though you don't have to pay for using FAP Guard, we strongly encourage our users to register their copies. Registration is also free, in fact everything about FAP Guard is completely free. Registration allows for a better information refresh rate, will improve your technical support, give you access to our automated update system, and also give us an indication on how many users are using FAP Guard. In the case you are buying VSAT services from BITNET, please use the same email for registering FAP Guard as you use when contacting us regarding your VSAT services.

Why FAP Guard and not a regular download manager?

There are heaps of freeware applications that will tell you how much you have downloaded. However, as stated above, FAP is not just about a download limit. It's a bit more complicated. Explained in 2 words, whenever you start browsing, you have a download limit ( the size depends on your Direcway subscription ). Every time you browse a web page or download anything, your download amount is deducted from the limit. However this limit is slowly refilled with an amount which also depends on your subscription. You see thus that a simple download manager, that tells you just how much you download won't do.

FAP Guard is specially designed for DirecWay users. It factors all the elements which influence the FAP, and tries to provide the most useful information. Since version 1.2, FAP Guard also comes with a download manager utility. This is just like any download accelerator, except that it automatically pauses and resumes downloads in such a way as to avoid hitting the FAP level ( which usually means you get disconnected ), thus optimizing the download patterns and helping you get the most out of your expensive satellite connection.

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